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MSME Owners In Coimbatore Raise Concerns Over Prolonged Model Code Impact

Updated: May 10, 2024 01:27:10pm

MSME Owners In Coimbatore Raise Concerns Over Prolonged Model Code Impact

Coimbatore, May 10 (KNN) Leaders of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) associations in Coimbatore have voiced difficulties arising from the extended enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC), despite the completion of polling for the recently held elections.

J James, President of the Tamil Nadu Association of Cottage and Tiny Enterprises (TACT), stated that due to the code's restrictions on state government functioning, MSME owners have been unable to address operational grievances with authorities. 

Issues ranging from power supply irregularities to taxation and water provision remain unresolved, reported TNIE.

"The demand charge for power has surged from Rs 35 per kilowatt to Rs 154, a steep 450 per cent increase," James highlighted. "While industrial unions demanded tariff reductions, the announcement of elections and the model code left authorities unable to take action on our grievances,” he added.

C Natarajan from the Coimbatore SIDCO Industrial Estate Manufacturers' Welfare Association and A Sivashanmuga Kumar from the Coimbatore Tiny and Small Foundry Owners' Association echoed similar sentiments. They cited delays in addressing newly imposed local taxes, GST collection anomalies, and other sector-specific issues due to the ongoing code restrictions.

The model code, which contains provisions governing general conduct, meetings, processions, polling day activities, polling booths, observers, and regulations for the party in power and election manifestos, comes into effect as soon as elections are announced.

Once implemented, the incumbent governing party, whether at the Centre or state level, must ensure it does not misuse its official position for campaigning purposes. Consequently, no new policies, projects or schemes that could influence voters can be announced during this period.

The MSME leaders have appealed for the Election Commission to relax the model code's applicability, enabling the state government to address pressing matters impacting industrial operations until the code's formal withdrawal on June 4th.

(KNN Bureau)


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