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Telangana records highest e-transactions between 2014-23

Updated: Mar 01, 2023 05:39:00pm

Telangana records highest e-transactions between 2014-23

Hyderabad, Mar 1 (KNN) Telangana leads the country in terms of e-transactions per 1,000 population between June 2014 and January 2023, according to a report in TOI.

As per reports, Telangana topped the list with 1.58 Lakh transactions followed by Andhra Pradesh with 1.41 lakh and Kerala with 1.25 lakh.


These three state are the only ones in the country with over lakh e-transactions per 1,000 people between the specific time period. Karnataka ranked 13th with only 22,486 transactions.

State IT and industry secretary Jayesh Ranjan told TOI: "We have initiated several measures to get governance to the doorsteps of people of Telangana."

“Name any department and we have digital platforms for them. Telangana will lead the country in this regard. In fact, at a recent meeting in the city, a senior official of a leading mobile payment application firm told me that Telangana has the most transactions for them in the country, indicating that we are a top-tier digitally active state,” he said.

Officials said rising digital transactions reflect the availability of e-governance solutions in a state.

Telangana has digital delivery services in over 45 departments, with police using the service the most.  (KNN Bureau)


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