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UP Government To Offer Subsidised Solar Pumps To 54,000 Farmers In FY25

Updated: Feb 28, 2024 05:04:21pm

UP Government To Offer Subsidised Solar Pumps To 54,000 Farmers In FY25

Uttar Pradesh, Feb 28 (KNN) In a significant move towards sustainable agriculture, the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh has unveiled plans to provide subsidised solar pumps to over 54,000 farmers in the upcoming fiscal year 2024-25.

This initiative, part of the PM-KUSUM Scheme, aims to empower farmers with affordable access to renewable energy solutions while reducing their dependency on conventional power sources.

Under this scheme, eligible farmers from all 18 divisions of Uttar Pradesh are invited to apply online through the official website 'www.agriculture.up.gov.in'.

The application window opens from February 27 to 29, with a token payment of Rs 5000 required for registration, as announced by the chief minister's office.

Farmers enrolled in the scheme will have access to nine varieties of solar pumps, offered at reduced rates subsidised by both the Central and State Governments.

The scheme offers a range of pump capacities, ensuring suitability for various agricultural needs.

Registration for the scheme follows a structured timeline.

Farmers from different divisions can apply on specific dates: February 27 for Chitrakoot Dham, Varanasi, Meerut, Prayagraj, Bareilly, and Kanpur divisions; February 28 for Saharanpur, Moradabad, Ayodhya, Lucknow, Mirzapur, and Basti divisions; and February 29 for Agra, Jhansi, Aligarh, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh, and Devipatan divisions.

The scheme provides substantial subsidies to make solar pumps affordable for farmers.

For instance, for 2 HP DC and AC surface pumps, the combined subsidy from state and central governments amounts to Rs 1,03,030, with farmers responsible for a token amount of Rs 5000 and the remaining balance.

Similar subsidy structures apply to 2 HP DC and AC submersible pumps, ensuring cost-effectiveness for farmers across different pump capacities.

The government's commitment extends beyond smaller capacities, with subsidies also available for larger pump sizes ranging from three to 10 HP.

For 3 HP DC submersible pumps, the state and central governments will collectively provide subsidies amounting to Rs 1,39,633, with Rs 82,476 and Rs 57,157 allocated from each, respectively.

This underscores the government's dedication to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and empowering farmers with renewable energy solutions.

The Yogi Adityanath government's initiative to provide subsidised solar pumps to farmers in Uttar Pradesh marks a significant step towards harnessing renewable energy for agricultural development.

(KNN Bureau)


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