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UP govt invites suggestion from MSMEs for the implementation of Divisional Facilitation Councils

Updated: Jun 30, 2021 09:58:40am

UP govt invites suggestion from MSMEs for the implementation of Divisional Facilitation Councils

Lucknow, Jun 30 (KNN) The Uttar Pradesh government has sought suggestions from the industry body Indian Industries Association (IIA) regarding the implementation of Divisional Facilitation Council which was constituted in the month of September 2020 as a result of the efforts of IIA and the Government.

According to a statement shared by the IIA, suggestions were sought during a meeting which was organized by IIA on Tuesday online under the chairmanship of Navneet Sehgal, Additional Chief Secretary, MSME. 

During the meeting, Sehgal also assured to provide all possible assistance Regarding the implementation of the Divisional Facilitation Council.

''Proceedings have started in the Divisional Facilitation Council for resolving the pending problems of entrepreneurs,'' he added.

At present, the operation of the Facilitation Council has started in many Commissionerates, but in some places it is still to be operated. In this regard, it was told by Sarveshwar Shukla, Joint Commissioner Industries that there has been a delay in the operation due to COVID circumstances, but now it will be started smoothly.

Later, Sehgal, apprised everyone about the intention of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to provide maximum facilities to MSME units in the state. He also assured everyone regarding the successful implementation of the Facilitation Council and directed the departmental officers that whatever suggestions are received in this meeting, it should be compiled and brought to the notice of the government.

''This will make the process of the Facilitation Council easier,'' he added.

He further assured IIA and Laghu Udyog Bharati (LUB) that the state government is determined to provide facilities to MSME.

''As far as the Facilitation Council is concerned, if any problem arises in its operation, then it should be brought to the notice of the government so that the problem can be resolved expeditiously,'' he avowed.

Meanwhile, Shukla, called more and more entrepreneurs to apply for the provisions of MSME Act and Nivesh Mitra Portal.

''They were informed about the rules and working of the Facilitation Council. This will ensure uniformity in the implementation of the Facilitation Council across the state. A wide discussion was held in the Facilitation Council regarding fees, in which changes were suggested by many nominated members and office bearers,'' the statement read.

Finally, written suggestions have been sought from IIA by Shukla and assured that it will be included in the rules. He further informed all the participants in his address that there is a provision to issue RC at the level of the Facilitation Council for recovery of the award in the hearing of the case in the Facilitation Council.

Simultaneously, it was informed to all the Divisional Joint Commissioners that the Facilitation Council is a quasi-judicial body, whose functioning provisions have been made according to the rules and the Act. No work should be done against the rules and regular meetings of the Facilitation Council should be ensured.

In one of the suggestions, members apprised the officials of that there is a problem in an online case filing and the portal is not able to accept it to which officials concerned asked them to submit all the records offline in the concerned Divisional Facilitation Council, from where it will be uploaded.

Suggestions were also received regarding transfer of cases from one council to another, noting that it was told that the case can be transferred to the divisional council in which jurisdictional area the industry falls.

In the end, former President of IIA, Sanjay Kaul, incorporating all the points that came in the discussion, the house was apprised about the fee structure, rules and functioning and told that the Facilitation Council has been formed under a central law, in which the Arbitration Act, Limitation Act etc. are applicable, so it will be necessary to keep all these points in mind before making rules.

Shukla took note of the suggestions given by Sanjay Kaul and assured to take appropriate action while formulating rules.

During the discussion, the idea of inviting Alok Agrawal Divisional Secretary IIA to Kanpur State Facilitation Council for discussion on all the points highlighted in today's meeting also came to the light.

In the meeting, Gonvindraju, Director of Industries, Shri Sarveshwar Shukla Joint Commissioner Industries were also present to discuss the implementation of Facilitation Council with the Joint Commissioner Industries of 18 Commissionerates and nominated representative of Facilitation Council by IIA besides other officers and members of IIA.


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