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Uttar Pradesh Unveils Budget with Thrust on Renewable Energy and Pharma Sectors

Updated: Feb 05, 2024 01:31:16pm

Uttar Pradesh Unveils Budget with Thrust on Renewable Energy and Pharma Sectors

Lucknow, Feb 5 (KNN) Uttar Pradesh Finance Minister Suresh Khanna presented the state's budget in the Vidhan Sabha, highlighting key initiatives and collaborations aimed at fostering economic growth and development, on Monday.

One of the major announcements was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the state government and Hero Future Energies.

This landmark agreement involves a substantial investment of Rs 4,000 crores by Hero Future Energies in Uttar Pradesh. The investment is earmarked for renewable energy and clean technology projects, aligning with the state's commitment to sustainable development.

Furthermore, Minister Khanna shared the success of the Pharma Conclave organised by the state government in Hyderabad. This event has garnered significant interest from major pharmaceutical companies, indicating a potential boost to the pharmaceutical sector in Uttar Pradesh.

The state government's proactive efforts in organising such events aim to attract investments and promote industry collaboration.

Minister Khanna expressed confidence that these strategic initiatives and collaborations would contribute to Uttar Pradesh's economic development and strengthen its position as a hub for renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, and aviation.

The budget presentation reflects the government's commitment to fostering a conducive business environment, attracting investments, and promoting sustainable and innovative industries.

The state's focus on renewable energy aligns with broader national goals, while advancements in the pharmaceutical and aviation sectors promise to bring new opportunities and economic prosperity to Uttar Pradesh.

(KNN Bureau)


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