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West Bengal Boosts Strong Growth Of MSME Clusters

Updated: Jun 12, 2024 03:06:30pm

West Bengal Boosts Strong Growth Of MSME Clusters

Kolkata, Jun 12 (KNN) West Bengal Government claims that the State has emerged as a significant ground for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), ranking among the top states in promoting and supporting the growth of this vital sector.

According to Dr. Shashi Panja, Minister for Industries, Commerce & Enterprises in West Bengal, the state has implemented several innovative initiatives to facilitate the development of MSMEs.

With around 89 lakh MSMEs, accounting for nearly 12 per cent of the total MSMEs in India, West Bengal has a dedicated budget and department focused on improving the MSME sector.

The state recognises the critical role of MSMEs as "mitochondria power engines" that boost the economy.

One of West Bengal's key strategies has been to leverage its strategic location as a gateway to Northeast India and Southeast Asia by developing robust infrastructure, including improved road and rail connectivity, freight corridors, industrial corridors, uninterrupted power supply, and water resources.

The state has also established export facilitation centres to support industries and introduced several incentive schemes, such as the Banglashree incentive scheme for manufacturing MSMEs, textile incentive schemes, and special provisions for early movers in the power handloom sector, as well as schemes for khadi and independent weavers.

Recognising the significant contribution of women entrepreneurs and artisans, West Bengal has launched schemes specifically targeting underprivileged rural women and the urban poor.

The state has also focused on developing rural clusters in the artisans and village industries sector, providing skill training, common facilities, entrepreneurship hubs, and marketing infrastructure.

West Bengal's efforts have led to remarkable growth, with the number of clusters increasing from 49 to 640, out of which 90 per cent are state-funded.

The state also boasts a thriving garment cluster and has established 540 market complexes to bring MSME products to the market.

Additionally, West Bengal ranks first in the number of female proprietary enterprises and is among the leading states in providing employment opportunities for women in MSMEs, with over 40 lakh female employees.

With its comprehensive approach, including policy support, infrastructure development, incentive schemes, cluster development, and a focus on women empowerment, West Bengal has positioned itself as a frontrunner in facilitating the growth and success of the MSME sector.

(KNN Bureau)


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