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Digitalization will reduce the cost of doing business for MSMEs in India: DG, WIPO tells KNN


Being digitalize will reduce the cost of doing business for MSMEs in India, said Francis Gurry, Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) while talking to KNN India. 

He added, “Being digitalize will enable MSMEs to participate in the global markets more easily.”

MSMEs being digitalize in a global medium will open up great opportunities for them, he said.

Gurry said, “I think it’s all positive for MSMEs to be digitalized.”

The conference was organized by WIPO on the topic “The global digital content maker”.

Congratulating India for the hike in the ease of doing business index, Gurry told  KNN that he is also concerned about the Intellectual property rights (IPR) in India.

He said, “We are seeing government is investing a lot to provide appropriate infrastructure for the protection of intellectual assets.”

He said that in the coming two days event we would want to explore this whole transaction from physical world, for great content.

Also ways to move from physical support system to online digital platforms, Gurry said.

He added, “At the same time we will find the ways to move from local markets to international/global markets.”



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