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WPI in the country up by 0.8 per cent in August: Data

Updated: Sep 14, 2017 08:49:45am

WPI in the country up by 0.8 per cent in August: Data

New Delhi, Sept 14 (KNN) The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) for all commodities in the country registered a rise of almost 0.8 per cent in August as compared from the data of the previous year during the same period, the report from the Commerce Ministry revealed.

According to the report, August registered WPI of 114.8 (provisional) whereas the number from the same period of the previous year stood around 113.9.

Commenting on the inflation statistics, the Ministry said that annual rate of inflation, based on monthly WPI, is at 3.24% (provisional) for the month of August, 2017 (over August,2016) as compared to 1.88% (provisional) for the previous month and 1.09% during the corresponding month of the previous year.

Also the Build-up inflation rate in the financial year as of now is 1.41% compared to a build-up rate of 3.25% in the same period of the previous year.

The data revealed that the primary article group that counts as a major group, WPI rose by over 1.9 per cent. WPI in the previous month stood at 132.4 whereas for the present month it got registered at 134.9.

Also the fuel and power category in the WPI registered an overall increase of 0.9 per cent making it to 892 as compared to the 88.4 WPI for the previous month.

The manufacturing products group rose by 0.2 per cent to 112.9 (provisional) from 112.7 (provisional) for the previous month. (With PIB Inputs) (KNN/ DA)


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