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30/12/2016 06:39am

Report Card for govt by MSMEs for 2016

image Report Card for govt by MSMEs for 2016

New Delhi, Dec 30 (KNN) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across India have faced ups and downs in the year 2016. There have been several initiatives and policy implementations by the Centre as well as State Governments to pursuade investors and boost the sector. However, demonetization, financial inclusion, interest rates have been some problems that had given the sector a roler coaster ride.

To find out what were the highs and lows of the concerned sector, KNN spoke to various associations from across the country.

The associations also spoke about the policies that are yet to be implemented.

“There are lot of people who are putting up large industries which is very good and there is likelihood of substance collaboration between India and America,” said Arvind Sinha, President, Textile Association.

Where Arvind Sinha seemed exited on setting up of industries, Nitesh Patel, Secretary General, Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI) gave credit to government for its support.

“Government of India has come up with the Market Development scheme/ International corporation scheme in which subsidies were provide to MSMEs to export overseas their products. It is a good opportunity for Indian market,” said Patel.

C.K.Babu, President, Tamil Nadu Small &tiny Industries Association (TANSTIA) also enumerated about announcement of the various programs for the MSMEs.

“Central government has announced the Design Clinic and increased the production and quality. ZED program was also there,” said C.K.Babu.

According to Lalit Mahajan, President, Bari Brahmana Industries Association (BBIA) public procurement policy was one of the major achievements this year.

“One of the major achievement is the public procurement policy, due to which order placement has been started in the MSME sector. It has been found that there is working on Delayed payment Act also,” said Lalit Mahajan.

During the course of discussion, the associations also put some suggestions in before us, concerning the issues which should be solved in future.

If one could count out the major issues in the passing year 2016 then the list certainly not ended with the Demonetization. In context of demonetization, Nitesh Patel said that the banks is flooded with cash so there should be a portion of fund reserved for MSMEs.

“Government has collected lot of money by this demonetization, banks are over flooded with money, so banks should be strictly instructed to reserve the portion of that fund only for MSMEs sector. Because of this, the defaulters who has very good relations with banks will not be able to get easy loans or chunk of money,” said Patel.

According to the Textile Association there should be a discipline and adaptability of technology in business, then only our MSMEs will be able to compete in global market.

“Be sincere to your business and allow your business to flourish. You cannot bring machines from china and set up your industry here and there and expect to produce the products equivalent to the Raymond. Technology should be up to the mark,” said Sinha.

BBIA President urged government through the medium of KNN that the state is less of MSME ministry staff and told to provide sanctioned incentives to the industries.

“In Jammu we are less of MSME ministry staff. We haven’t received industrial incentives from government. Around 60 crore of incentives lying with the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) ministry, has been sanctioned but still not given,” sadi Mahajan.

He also requested for the provisions to be brought for cash payment to workers in the industries.

“Government should permit the limit of cash payments up to 15000 for MSME sector. We are comparing ourselves with developed countries where literacy rate is much higher than India so there must be policies like developed nations as well,” added Mahajan.

Whereas TANSTIA president shared the sectors problem that state (Tamil Nadu) has lost MNCs as companies are switching to other states receiving better facilities.

“Lot of MNCs are leaving the Tamil Nadu as they are getting better facility in other states. So we need the crucial support from the state government as the same facilities can be provided in Tamil Nadu as well,” said C.K. Babu.

Apart from the issue they are facing in their states or particular industry, associations also shared their views for the Indian MSMEs to widen its growth.

“There should be balance between Major and micro industries as they both complement each other,” said Babu, President, TANSTIA.

According to Arvind Sinha only announcements will not work out, there should be execution of plans as well.

“The problem is that we know the solution but scared of implementing the solution,” said Arvind Sinha, President, Textile Association.

Lalit Mahajan, President, BBIA from Jammu, C.K.Babu, President, TANSTIA from Tamil Nadu, Nitesh Patel, Secretary General, Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI) from Gujarat and Arvind Sinha, President, Textile Association from Mumbai, shared their views with KNN. (KNN/RAS)


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  1. Merlin
    Merlin 30/12/2016 7:16 AM

    Ups and downs are common to occur in any sector and MSME sector is not an exception for it. The report stating statements from various associations in India about happenings, problems and initiatives that occurred in the MSME industry will surely let Govt know the real stats and take measures accordingly. Merlin from Bizbilla

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