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12/02/2018 08:36am

Gujarat Revenue Min Kaushik say MSMEs dying, MSMEs say dedicated framework for revival 'must'

image Gujarat Revenue Min Kaushik say MSMEs dying, MSMEs say dedicated framework for revival 'must'

New Delhi, Feb 12 (KNN) The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of the state are not in the best shape, Gujarat Revenue Minister Kaushik Patel said recently during an interaction, responding to which the MSMEs have raised a need for a dedicated framework for the state MSMEs.

Talking to KNN, Rajesh Suryakant Bhatt, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kutch said that while the Minister’s statement hints at pessimism, the MSMEs do need government’s support to stand in the present times.

Explaining the concern further, Rajesh said that the MSMEs contribute to the overall industries and the big industries won’t be able to survive without a healthy MSMEs environment.

“The large companies depend on the micro, small and medium enterprises for their inputs and raw material, therefore a policy for both the level is the need of the hour”, Rajesh said.

Listing posible suggestions, he further said that the government is encouraging startups through out the country, at the same time the government must also support the existing MSMEs.

“Tax exemption could be one of the things to be taken into account, it has yielded positive results in the case of Union Territories and also in the industrial regions of the hilly areas that were given tax holidays, similar model can be brought in for Gujarat as well”, he added.

Earlier State Revenue Minister Kaushik Patel during an interaction said that the MSMEs of the state are not able to perform well and both entrepreneurs as well government must take Ito consideration the poor glaring state of the units.

The Minister made these remarks during an MSME banking and Finance meet organised by Gujarat Small Industries Federation.

On the other hand, National Small Industries Corporation commented that the number of registrations of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the state of Gujarat hit a positive trend in the August 2016 to December 2017 period,

P K Jha, Zonal General Manager of NSIC said that the number of small businesses grew by over 86 per cent in Gujarat in the last 18 month period.

He further said that the rise in registrations is because of the small units that were unregistered earlier getting themselves registered.

The move will enable the government to find solutions to the growth bottlenecks for the sector as well as increase compliance by the units resulting in higher tax revenues for the government, Jha added. (KNN/DA)


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