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06/07/2016 09:06am

Surplus power supply in Tamil Nadu proves an asset for SMEs in the state

image Surplus power supply in Tamil Nadu proves an asset for SMEs in the state

Coimbatore, July 6 (KNN) Tamil Nadu after reserving its position as the energy surplus state in India has become the most conducive place for MSMEs. Few years back Tamil Nadu was one amongst the power deficit regions witnessing huge gaps between power demand and its availability in the state. But the bliss of the state turning to a power surplus ground has proved to be an asset for the industry.

The state being a house of yarn, textiles, automotive or vehicle part manufacturers, metal works, electronics, leather, fireworks etc. had power play its crucial role to keep the industrial setup at place. 

Dr Gandhi Kumar, Chairman, Gandhi Kumar Group of Companies said the situation started  improving remarkably  from 2012-13 onwards , prior to which  the state faced a deficit thus, forcing the Tamil Nadu electricity companies to resort to long power cuts, sometimes lasting for 16 hours a day.

Much had been done in the past to curb the power deficit situation. Thus, resulting into the gap between estimated demand of 1,03,808 million units (MUs) and availability of 1,15,455 MUs leaving  a surplus of 11,649 MUs, according to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA).

This power surplus situation under AIADMK’s second term has set the industrial growth to accelerate in full pace.

Talking to KNN about the repercussions of the healthy power supply on industries in the state Gandhi Kumar, who is also the former president of FISME said, “Since last 3-4 years more transmission lines have been erected and more solar power plants have come up thus, improving the overall power supply in the state. The regular uninterrupted power supply cuts the generator and other alternative power backup costs of MSMEs thus empowering them fully.”

“However, timely availability of finance is still a problem for MSMEs in the state. Labour shortage problem has also been sorted but finance still remains an issue,” the entrepreneur added.  (KNN/ GK)


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