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18/05/2013 07:01pm

File banking complaints for free at Banking Ombudsman

image File banking complaints for free at Banking Ombudsman
New Delhi, May 18 (KNN)  If you have any problems with your bank with regard to services or financial products offered and if the concerned bank does not address your grievance, you can now approach the Banking Ombudsman (BO) of your region.

Appointed in every region by the Reserve Bank of India, BOs will help you resolve your complaint, according to an official RBI notification.

About the kind of grievances that can be taken to the Ombudsman, the central bank has referred to complaints such as written promises not being adhered to; failure on the part of the bank to disclose important terms and conditions while selling financial products or services; not communicating clearly the charges and conditions regarding banking services and other financial products; not adhering to RBI guidelines; and not adhering to the code of bank’s commitment to customers as issued by the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India.

However, it points out that such problems should first be taken to the concerned bank for redressal.

“If you do not receive a reply within a month or you are not satisfied with the reply received from the bank, you could contact the Banking Ombudsman (BO) for your region appointed by RBI who will help you resolve your complain,” the  notification said.

While written complaints can be sent by post or fax, online complaints and complaints through email will also be entertained. 

Best of all, it would cost nothing. 

An individual will need to furnish contact details, bank details, facts of the complaint, the nature of loss and relief sought.  (KNN)

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