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Fintech can help Public Sector Banks to improve lending: Chief Economic Advisor

Updated: Jul 23, 2020 07:41:33am

Fintech can help Public Sector Banks to improve lending: Chief Economic Advisor

New Delhi, July 23 (KNN) Implementation of Fintech can help Public Sector Banks (PSBs) to leapfrog as it can provide scale and improve the quality of lending, especially to large corporates, said Dr Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Chief Economic Adviser (CEA).

Addressing a special session at the 17th Annual Capital Market Conference ‘CAPAM 2020’ organized by FICCI, Dr Subramanian said, ''the most important aspect of economic growth is the banking sector and India lacks in this area. In the Economic Survey, India only has one bank listed in the global top 100 banks in 2019; hence, the emphasis should be on making the banking sector globally-scaled and Fintech can play a vital role in it.''

He added, it has been seen that Fintech can reduce NPAs even while enhancing lending volumes.

Highlighting the importance of technology, Dr Subramanian said that technology can play a pivotal part in helping the banks to achieve both scale and quality.

''Banks can employ artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to identify wilful defaulters. These technologies can also help in capturing the willingness to repay by the lenders as well,'' he said.

Dr Subramanian said that COVID-19 and the global financial crisis highlighted the significance of ethical wealth creation and self-reliance (Atmanirbharta). For achieving self-reliance, India needs cutting-edge capabilities and capabilities cannot be built without competition.

Capabilities are built by utilizing comparative advantages and India’s comparative advantage lies in its large domestic market, he said.

Dr Subramanian also said that Indian firms can craft their products and services by catering to the entire market, not just the richest 25 per cent. Correct price points and volumes can help in reaching to people at the bottom of the pyramid as they also aspire to consume products availed by the affluent.

Speaking about the role of the market, the CEA said that we cannot undermine the importance of the market. COVID-19 and the global financial crisis brought to light the limitations of the market and it was seen that markets do not work 5-10 per cent of the time.

''In such times, we need to be self-reliant to avoid potential vulnerabilities,'' he asserted.

Dr Subramanian further said that we need to recognize the importance of trust as COVID highlighted that there are times when markets do not function. These are the times when trust in the economy is needed, and it is a broad idea which brings in governance.

''Economies that adhered to the principles of good governance have done well,'' he added.


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