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India amends Govt public procurement norms to create reciprocity in trade with India’s partners

Updated: Sep 19, 2020 09:07:13am

New Delhi, Sept 18 (KNN) India has amended its public procurement norms to block those entities of countries from participating in government procurement which do not allow Indian companies to participate in their Government procurement.

This move is aimed at creating reciprocity in trade with India’s partners.

The Government of India amended the Public Procurement Order, 2017 on 16.09.2020, enabling nodal Ministries/ Departments to notify higher minimum local content requirement for Class-I & Class-II local suppliers which was earlier fixed at 50% and 20% respectively.

As per the Order, entities of countries which do not allow Indian companies to participate in their Government procurement for any item, shall not be allowed to participate in Government procurement in India for all items related to that nodal Ministry/ Department, except for the list of items published by the Ministry/ Department permitting their participation.

Specifying foreign certifications/ unreasonable technical specifications/ brands/ models in the bid document is restrictive and discriminatory practice against local suppliers. Foreign certification, if required, shall be stipulated only with the approval of Secretary of the Department concerned.

All administrative Ministries/Departments whose procurement exceeds Rs. 1000 Crore per annum shall notify their procurement projections for the next 5 years on their respective website.

An upper threshold value of procurement beyond which foreign companies shall enter into a joint venture with an Indian company to participate in government tenders shall be notified.


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