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Are you a working mother? Momzbizz can help you be a 'Mompreneur' or 'Mometailer'

Updated: Oct 27, 2015 04:23:57pm
New Delhi, Oct 27 (KNN) Managing home along with office is a big challenge for Indian women. There are times quite often when the choice has to be made between a sick family member and an important meeting at work. Who better than a working mother can understand the situation a working woman is caught into in her day to day life?
This was something that was realized by Madhavi Patil, the co-founder of Momzbizz.com. After facing the similar challenges, common to all, in her career she decided that it was high time to strike a balance and come up with some innovative ideas.
Thus came up Momzbizz.com. Momzbizz is a dedicated mother oriented e-commerce portal for female entrepreneurs (who are mothers), service providers for featuring and selling unique and ravishing products online to global customers.

“The idea is to expand the mom’s local business to e-world by providing them a ready to use end to end ecommerce platform,” said Patil.
After having a high professional carrier of around more than 13 years, Madhavi and her co-founder partner took a break after having kids. The zeal to keep the professional part of their life alive, made them start Momzbizz and so they kick-started their new innovative project- Momzbizz.
Sharing her journey and experience with KNN, Madhavi said that there were no technical problems while raising the start-up; however, marketing is still something they are looking forward to catch upon.
“We are still learning marketing it and making it known to more number of people at the earliest,” she disclosed.
As goes for major number of small enterprises in the country, Momzzbizz too, is financed by personal savings. The co-founder is willing to look forward to investment option in near future.
Started just 5 months ago, Momzzbizz is a social enterprise initiated for empowering moms and helping them achieve financial independence from the confines of their home and making them a successful ‘Mompreneurs’ or ‘Mom-etailers’.
“We just wanted to give a unique and dedicated platform to Moms. We have always seen our neighbor housewives selling some or the other stuff just to make their own identity or money or help their family little bit financially. We just want to help such women by taking their products to millions of customers out there. Promote working mothers, their brands, and their products are what we want to do,” said the co-founder.
Designed uniquely for women entrepreneurs or ‘moms’ to be specific the startup functions in a very encouraging yet technical way.
“All Moms are not tech savvy and internet friendly so we ensure that we help them in each and every step of making their online presence,” says the entrepreneur. “At Momzbizz.com we basically showcase, promote and sell exclusive products from Mompreneurs. Any mom who is already a mompreneur or wish to turn her hobby in to business or wish to list her services with us, Momzbizz.com will help them,” she added.
The enterprise features Moms’ products and services on the portal and Facebook store, upload products for them and manage inventory for MomEtailers product’s on the website.
It also provide free logistic support to all MomEtailers, takes care of marketing, advertising and promotion on social networking sites, blogs, online communities and also on audio, visual & print media.
Being a working woman herself, Patil believes that if the family is supportive, then running home along with business is no big deal for any woman.
Momzbizz is on the lookout for NGO’s and small organizations who are trying to enable economic opportunities for all sectors of the women, so that it can go ahead by giving them an online presence too. (KNN/J)


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