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Demand-supply gap in technology forces founders to build Systoo technologies

Updated: Dec 31, 2015 10:49:57am
New Delhi, Dec 31 (KNN) Started by three IT professionals Systoo Technology, has cemented its way into the world of Web designing and software development within a span of two years.

KNN caught up with Sumit Kanaujia, Co-founder of Systoo technologies to know about the journey of the start-up so far.

Based in Kanpur, Systoo Technology is one of the fastest growing start-up ventures excelling in website designing & development, mobile apps development, software development and website promotion.

“We provide services like social media optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, bulk SMS, website hosting, e-commerce portals development, graphics & logo designing and pay per click” said Kanaujia giving a portrayal of the company. “Systoo Technology also works as an ISO certification & trademark registration consultant company” he added.

The idea of Systoo emerged when the co-founders, Abhimanyu Singh,  Sumit Kanaujia and Santosh Kumar realised the gap between the demand for technology and the availability and facilities for the same.

“We were working in the same firm. We know that the future is of technology; however, in small cities like Kanpur, most of the people are ignorant about it and are not aware to IT solutions which they can use in their business operations and also in strategy making for their business. Even if they are aware and want to use technology solutions in their companies, they don’t have good technology companies in their cities” Kanaujia elaborated about the idea behind Systoo. “This was why we started Systoo Technology.

We understand that there is good demand but no facilities to convert these demands to wants. Our main aim is thus to expand Systoo in every tier 2 and tier 3 cities where there is good business but no good technology services” he added.

It was finally in 2014 when the co-founders gave life to their idea and after successful period of 1 year, the venture converted into SYSTOO Impex India Pvt. Ltd. after merging with Passion Group’s subsidiary Impex India Pvt. Ltd in 2015.

A proven fact, entrepreneurship doesn’t have a very good reputation in our country. Leaving a well salaried job and starting our own business has always been a difficult decision.  Similar issues crossed the path of the entrepreneurs when they decided to get on with Systoo. Talking about the problems, Kanaujia  said, “ It was difficult for us to cut down the expenses and to convince our families to do that too. But, we started our journey with the only aim to never fail. And asit is rightly said that you never fail until you quit, we kept running our business in spite of the difficulties. There were sleepless nights, days when we didn’t have even cash to pay our basic running expenses, no marketing professionals and not even a proper office. But we had passion and that’s why we kept on working”.

One of the major issues for Systoo was to acquire customers for their services but the founders didn’t have enough funds to spend on marketing. “There was a dearth of enough funds for marketing , so we decided to find customers ourselves. We did ground promotions and door to door marketing and slowly and gradually we started to get clients” Kanaujia talked to us about the problems faced. “Our main USP has always been full satisfaction of the clients and because we always focus on this, we started getting calls of different customers on our phone itself due to word of mouth” he added further.

When asked about the funding for the venture, the co-founder responded by saying, “As funding is a real road rock for any start-up, we contacted Passion Group, one of North India’s biggest financial services company and presented our business model to them” . He further added “The CEO’s, Mr Sandeep Kansal and Mr. Prashant Kansal immediately liked our business model and decided to fund Systoo and also agreed to our conditions. Now we are all the more powerful on our road to success”.

 Started with a workforce of just a single telecaller , Systoo now has a well experienced team of 10 highly experienced professional website designers, website developers, software developers, graphics designers & Internet marketers.

The USP of Systoo is its affordable cost, its high quality services and the most important -client’s satisfaction & 24x7 customer support. “We always respond to our clients at the earliest to solve their queries. We have achieved a client satisfaction rate of 93% and because of these USP’s only we are growing at such a high pace. In such a short span of time, we are a big name in Kanpur technology companies” uttered the entrepreneur.

Disclosing about the plans for expanding the venture, Kanaujia said, “Our plans for Systoo Technology in coming years to make it a one stop shop for all kind of IT solutions and expand it in all over the India by opening branch offices in all small cities in India. After successful expansion in India, we will cross international boundaries. Passion Group will soon take out its issue in the capital market. Systoo too aim to be part of this issue with Passion”.

The entrepreneur gave a nod agreeing to the efforts made by the government for the development of the SMEs . “Government is encouraging the SMEs to innovate and grow through various schemes launched by National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) and are aiding overall development of the SMEs as it facilitates improvement at all the steps of value addition in the manufacturing activity” He said. “Apart from that several Indian banks have joined hands for the formation of the SMEs and lending them” he further added.

The Co-founder holds the view that SMEs are playing an important role in the economic growth of the nation and are the backbone of the industrial development. “Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are growing rapidly day by day” he said, adding “The growth rate of SMEs is quite impressive and the numbers of these enterprises are increasing constantly. The major advantage of this sector is its employment potential at low capital cost and the labour intensity of SMEs is much higher than that of the large enterprises”.

Kanaujia concluded by giving a statement about the future of SMEs in India. “The future of SMEs in India is very bright because it is playing a very important role in economic growth of the country as well as solving the problem of unemployment” he said. (KNN/ J)


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