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'I am on Internet' takes technology closer to all sectors of Indian business

Updated: Apr 08, 2013 03:37:55pm
Hyderabad, Apr 8 (KNN) First generation entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh are bringing revolution in the field of Information Technology by offering web design services at an affordable price with an eye on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). They started their company ‘I am on Internet’ with a small set up and investment of over Rs 10 lacs as start-up capital, but they have high ambitions to diversify their product and make a mark in the international market soon.
KNN correspondent Manne Sreenivas Rao spoke to the Managing Director of the company ‘I am on internet’, Srijayavardhan Boyenepally .
What is “I am on Internet” and how did you get this name?
“I am on Internet” is a web development company which is offering web services at the lowest possible affordable cost. Our packages start from as low as Rs 899 per year including tax. The package includes domain, hosting, designing and maintenance of the website. We believe in providing customized designs for each website to ensure that our business has a unique web presence and strong brand building.    
Is there something in particular that inspired you to start “I am on Internet”?
We have seen many conventional businesses not in a situation to afford the technology. Today, about 18 countries across the world don’t have internet but country like India got the Internet more than two decades ago. We are still among the lowest users of technology in the conventional businesses. Technology has to reach every sector of business; with this the possibility of those businesses automating their transactions is not so far.
You or any of your co-founders have any previous experience in this field?
Not really. We both have better exposure as a user towards internet and the technology since our school days.
What was the estimate of funding required to start with?
The estimation we had when we got this plan on papers was around Rs one million. However, it took time and a lot more money to bring the business to a shape the way we wanted this to look like during the start up.
How would you rank the competition in this web services field?
The competition is definitely high in any business related to technology. Today’s world where technology is so abundant and easily available it’s not that tough for a smart entrepreneur to arise from level zero. But this field has as much competition as any other field in this generation.
Talk about challenges you faced in starting your venture?
The challenges that any rookie entrepreneur in any field of business would face are; fund management & assessment, talent acquisition, marketing and brand promotion
We have faced challenges in all these areas. We had it tough to sell our product to our family and friends during the seed stage of our business. But all these have made us more strong and stubborn to work hard & harder to face the World.
Any milestone achieved so far? How do you look at “I am on Internet” in terms of success in the next 3 years?
The first milestone that we have reached was starting “I am on Internet”, and every day after that has been an achievement. “I am on internet” will remain in the history of web services industry as a “Revolution” that has taken technology closer to all sectors of Indian business.
What is the present strength of the company? Looking at expanding it in the short run?
The present strength of our company is 15. We would definitely like to increase the strength based on the requirement. The key business model is to work with a limited number team with efficient services at an affordable cost. So, we do not believe that terms strength or expansion are based on the headcount of a company.
Any plans of entering into the other cities?
We definitely have plans to enter to all the Indian cities. The basic vision behind “I am on Internet” is to take the technology closer to all sectors of business. These sectors are definitely not limited to any particular city, state or even country.
Are you planning to go global anytime soon?
As we all know “world is a global village”, and there is a need for the technology at every place. We are already tied up with reputed global clientele through our international Partners. Along with India, our business is potentially spread across United Kingdom, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & few parts of Africa.
What are your profit margins like?
It’s too early for us to disclose the profit margins. However, our profit margins ideally depend on the volumes of our business. The margins may definitely reach 25-30 per cent, if things work out as per our initial business plan.
And lastly, what according to you are the five mistakes every entrepreneur makes on duty?

Non- managed fund assessment, inefficient talent acquisition, virtual profit analysis, low confidence level, lack of market research towards their line of business.
As young Turks, what is your message to upcoming MSMEs?
If success is your goal, then starting your own company is your zeal, surviving your business is your commitment. Expect the hurdles and just jump across them. (KNN)


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