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There is a long bridge between starting biz and making it successful: Co-Founder of Gharfinder.com

Updated: Dec 28, 2015 03:04:39pm
New Delhi, Dec 28 (KNN)  Maharashtra based start-up, Gharfinder.com, is an online portal that allows buyers to explore options available for buying, selling or renting real estate properties. It was founded by Nikhil Nimbhorkar and Nikhil Kitukale because of their own sufferings encountered while hunting for real estate properties.
The upward trend in real estate business acted as both-the opportunity and the motivation to the co-founders of Gharfinder to look for a solution to the cumbersome process of buying, selling and renting houses in their home towns.
KNN had an exclusive interview with Nimbhorkar, the co-founder of Gharfinder.com to embark the journey of the venture.
“GharFinder is a portal which gives the customer, a fair chance to explore the real estate options which he has to rent, buy and sell in his nearby area. With the construction boom in the Vidharbha region and new generation looking to buy their first home, we were convinced that there were massive opportunities and we started working towards helping them finding the solutions to real estate hunting,” Nimbhorkar told us about his venture.
The duo battled to seize the opportunity of the growing market for real estate but realising the idea wasn’t a cakewalk for them. Belonging to a middle class family, arranging finance to set up the venture was first and foremost issue for them.  Meanwhile, lack of industry experience acted as a catalyst to the problems. 
“Both of us belonged to a middle class family, thus arranging for the funds wasn’t easy for us. Also, the lack of industrial experience was a big challenge. At the age of 22, we had no clue about the formalities required in the industry” the co-founder told us. “On the top of that, convincing society and relatives about our decision of start-up in a place like Vidharbha proved to be a challenge in itself. However we believed in our instinct and were confident in our idea,” he added.
Currently a team of 13 members, the start-up venture, which initially operated only in the Amravati district, has now expanded to rest of the Vidarbha region, and is a well-known property search website in the districts of Amravati, Akola and Nagpur. At present there are forty active real estate builders and over 150 agents signed up on the portal.
“Each listing on Ghar finder is first verified for its genuineness, credibility and experience in the industry,” said Nimbhorkar, talking about the USP of the venture.
The portal has successfully covered the prime regions of Vidharbha and with the advent of the New Year; it plans to expand the network across all the tier 1 and tier 2 cities of India. Along with that, the venture plans to expand its team. “As business grows we will definitely think of hiring people who can stay long term with Ghar Finder,” the entrepreneur said, further adding, “We are planning to make lot of changes in the portal to make it superior in the market. Several integrations are also aligned in this year to make portal more user-friendly.”
The founder devotedly believes and looks positively to the upward trend in term emerging start-up ventures in India.
“Youngsters, these days, are highly attracted towards starting their own ventures. But we cannot deny the fact that starting up our own business and make it successful are two different things and there is a long bridge between these two things, only hard work and dedication can help you cross this bridge” Nimbhorkar said.
As inferred from the interview, the co-founder has a positive perception of the government’s efforts in enhancing and supporting to the newly emerging start-ups. “I think government is supporting entrepreneurs in all possible ways by providing them the facilities the opportunities to make the right use of them.  There are several hassle-free loans available to start our own business these days,” he said.
Nimbhorkar concluded by stating that the government is rather encouraging small scale ventures providing the youth to stand on their own feet, rather than toiling for someone else. (KNN/ J)


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