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06/04/2013 09:50pm

Lakshmi's passion for Bio-Vedic medicines earns recognition

image Lakshmi's passion for Bio-Vedic medicines earns recognition
Hyderabad, Apr 6 (KNN)  Lakshmi, a bio-trainer and entrepreneur chose a career which was once considered unconventional in modern science.  But owing to her innovation and painstaking research into cure ailments through Bio-Vedic flowers, she has brought recognition to the Bio-Vedic field of medicine.

“Bio- Vedic flower therapy is a no pill, no injection and drugless natural approach which corrects the energy flow of the body and heals from within by removing toxic substances and rectifying emotional imbalances.  Our immunity being the world’s best doctor, the concept is to bring healing from within.  It is based on decoding information hidden in the Vedas and a rigorous research into all kinds of medicine,” said Lakshmi.

Thus far, she has invented many drugs for ailments like heart disease and diabetes. Her Bio-Vedic medicinal products range includes Hemaflora (for healing diabetes), Aphoflora (curing menstrual problems and infertility), Agaflora (that rectifies metabolic imbalances) and Cardiflora (for clearing heart blockages and restoring normal blood pressure).

Originally from Hyderabad Lakshmi completed a yogic healing course from the Bihar School of Yoga, and started practicing as a yoga teacher under Parmahmsa Satyananda.  Thereafter, she started Natural Health Promoting Association, an NGO, with the aim to integrate various disciplines of medicine to achieve perfect healing.  Through the organization she has conducted numerous health camps and invited various international and national doctors to seminars and training classes. 

Dedication and expertise allowed her to take on many challenging cases and cure them, earning her a reputation and good client base.  Not satisfied with the conventional medicines she continued with her research into alternative medicine besides learning from the Vedic scriptures, even abandoning her booming practice.   

Over the years she established herself as a successful Bio-Vedic trainer. She is very reassuring about the alternative therapy and believes in curing by changing the metabolism of the body and reactivating the internal organs. 

“Most of the physiological problems like diabetes, thyroid imbalance, obesity and heart problems can be cured by rectifying the imbalance within the body`s energy flow and strengthening it internally. These medicines provide holistic healing at different levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) by improving the immunity and the body’s internal strength through energy flow,” she said. 

Having learnt Yoga from Paramahamsa Yogananda, Bio-Testing and Therapy from Fred J Fox in Preston, UK  and Acupuncture from Anton Jayasurya in Srilanka, she considers her medicine products to be more reliable with no side effects. 

“This is a result of over 30 years research into the Vedic scriptures and all medical systems in a quest to design a holistic approach for curing any disease. As most are aware our prevalent medical system, which relies on measurable evidence of disease and laboratory results, cannot provide solutions to all problems and most of the time has unwanted side effects.

Lakshmi’s work has received government recognition.  “Dhieo Bio-Vedic flower remedies are approved by the Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) and are Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) certified.  Clinical trials and detailed research have been conducted for 10 years and there is recorded documentation to prove their efficiency as well as their reliability and safety,” she said.

She is the author of ‘Vedic Ecology’ that deals with imbalances in nature.  (KNN)
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