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08/10/2018 04:25pm

Taiwan Excellence displaying award-winning products at Forum Mall

image Taiwan Excellence displaying award-winning products at Forum Mall

New Delhi, Oct 8 (KNN) Acknowledging India as a key market for its product, Taiwan Excellence is showcasing some of its award winning product at Forum Mall, Bengaluru.

The products on display at the booth includes everything from high-end phones, laptops, scanners and hard disks to neck and shoulder massagers, wall shelves, shampoo holders, soap holders, routers, smart baby diapers, smart powder outlets and screen bar e-reading lamps.

Each product is a winner of the Taiwan Excellence Awards, which recognizes companies for innovative research and development, quality, design and marketing.

Brands like Asus, Acer, MSI, AIFA, CyberPower, ADATA, Plustek, Transcend, Tokuyo, FECA, D-Link, Opro 9 and BenQ are a part of the Taiwan Excellence pop up booth.

Director of Taipei World Trade Center Liaison Office, Chennai, Dave Tsai said “India is a key market for us and we really look forward to providing our expertise for India’s smart projects.”

He said that Taiwan Excellence has been a part of the many ambitious projects that the Government of India has announced and we will continue to renew our commitment to these projects.

“We are already actively helping many other countries by providing them with requisite smart solutions. We hope to continue exchanging knowledge between India and Taiwan and believe the projects under the Smart Cities Mission will pick up speed because of our efforts and inputs,” he added.

The display of products initiated on October 5, 2018 and will conclude on October 18, 2018.


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