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06/05/2019 10:37am

Ni-msme to organize 5 day training program on recycling of wastes in MSMEs

image Ni-msme to organize 5 day training program on recycling of wastes in MSMEs

Hyderabad, May 6 (KNN) With the ever increasing population and urbanization, the waste management has emerged as a huge challenge in the country and to convert it into business opportunity, the National Institute of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (ni-msme) is organizing a five day training program on recycling of wastes in MSME sector.

The main objective of the training program is to sensitize the stake holders on various management issues like source segregation, collection, storage, transportation, processing, disposal of hazardous waste and recycling process in MSMEs.

The major focus of the program is on business opportunities in waste management, its potentials and challenges.

Future waste management offers many business opportunities for the private sector such as: waste collection/disposal services; operation of recycling plant; e-waste recycling; Consultancy; equipment supply; organic fertilizer manufacturing; transportation; trade in recycled materials.

The program will be organized on training program model to create awareness and to encourage people’s participation through Interactive sessions and avail the benefits of emerging trends in recycling of wastes.

The program will cover widely used standardized best topics highlighting the management aspects of industrial hazardous waste in India. To achieve greater participation of all individuals a common platform would be provided for greater interaction and exchange of Ideas.

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    I need 5 day traning solid waste managment

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