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20/05/2020 11:34am

UNYDE develops 'MyShield' app for MSME employees to maintain social distance

image UNYDE develops 'MyShield' app for MSME employees to maintain social distance

New Delhi, May 20 (KNN) As the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have started their operations with government's guidelines of maintaining social distance at the work places, Indian start-up, UNYDE has developed unique social distancing app 'MyShield' to keep employees safe.

''UNYDE a Technology Startup, based in Noida and recognised by DPIIT has pioneered proximity technology with accuracy upto 1 meter in last few years and done it's bit to help this industry by launching an app, MyShieldTM for post lockdown operations for implementation of safe distance measures at workplaces,'' UNYDE Co-founder Shobhit Saxena told KNN on Wednesday.   

He said that UNYDE, being a technology start-up, understands the struggle of cash starvation during this lockdown and how it deeply impacts the day-to-day operations of many small and mid-size industries pushing many of them towards unfortunate closure.

The additional cost implications to maintain and adopt safety protocols at work places involving workforce, implementation of health and hygiene measures against spread of virus are huge with no immediate respite in sight. The bigger challenge is voluntary compliance by the workforce, he said.

''MyShieldTM – is a tool of assistance with every person in the work environment to help organizations promote social distancing amongst co-workers as well as to record their contactless attendance,'' he added.

The app works on a fairly simple but powerful technology of building a digital safety circle of 1 to 2 mtr diameter around a person when at a work place and whenever a person breaches that safety circle automatic alert notifications are sent and each party is reminded to recede back to the safe distance.

''It assists and help each person to form a habit to co-work together keeping safe social distance as well as a tool of compliance to be ensured as requirement mandated for reopening the work places/offices,'' Saxena avowed.

The app apart from shielding employees from being infected, it also enables contactless features for employees to mark their attendance digitally through their phone which can help organisations to do away with physical biometric machines/ paper-based attendance system saving cost of implementing these solutions at the workplace and eliminating risk of spread.

Companies need not worry about proxy attendances as this function is only enabled once an employee is inside the premises of the workplace and is registered on MyShieldTM, Saxena said.

He further said that this is free of cost for the organizations from all industries - small, mid and large, with focus on small and medium size industries which face a perplexing challenge of getting back on feet and is fully privacy protected as no personal user data is essentially being fetched.

''It is equally effective at other public places in general to remind user for breach of safe social distance from any person nearby using any Bluetooth device. This app will help combat and prevent spread of virus at workplaces and no cost implication is a boon for the majority of organizations falling in MSME,'' he concluded.


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