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Union Minister Rajnath Singh invites suggestions for ease of doing business in defence sector

Updated: May 26, 2023 01:57:17pm

Union Minister Rajnath Singh invites suggestions for ease of doing business in defence sector

New Delhi, May 26 (KNN) Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday urged the industry to invest in the areas of R&D and increase the capacity of in-house research for generational leap solutions in sectors like defence, health, education, agriculture, commerce, and communication through emerging technologies.

Speaking at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) annual session, Singh asked the industry to Innovate to make India a ‘leader’ from an ‘imitator’ in futuristic technologies in defence and other sectors.


The Minister invited the industry to give suggestions for any changes they feel should be brought into defence-related policies. He promised to look into them for ease of doing business and promoting the sector.

During his address, the defence minister stated, “We need to set new goals and achieve them through innovative methods to keep ourselves prepared to deal with any challenges arising out of the ever-evolving global situation.”

“R&D has the ability to convert things, which are viewed as resources, into resources. Technology improves the utilisation of the available resources. It acts as a force multiplier,” he added.

The theme for Confederation of Indian Industry’s annual session was ‘Future Frontiers: Competitiveness, Technology, Sustainability and Internationalisation.’

With new technologies replacing the old regime, Singh exhorted the CII to invest in human resources for capacity building. He shared his insights into another dimension of technology, which he labelled ‘Socio-Economic Technology’ that, as per him, is commonly referred to as governance.  (KNN Bureau)


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