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13/02/2020 12:08pm

India Solar & E-Vehicle Expo 2020 to be held in Lucknow; opportunity for MSMEs to explore biz ideas

image India Solar & E-Vehicle Expo 2020 to be held in Lucknow; opportunity for MSMEs to explore biz ideas

New Delhi, Feb 13 (KNN) In an effort to keep pace with the need of environment and growing demand of e-vehicles, India Solar and E-Vehicle Expo-2020 is being held in Lucknow.

According to Indian Industries Association (IIA), it is going to be the biggest Solar Energy and E-Vehicle exhibition in North India which will be held from 14th to 16th Feb, 2020 at IIA Bhawan, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

While talking to KNN, Pankaj Kumar, President of Indian Industries Association said, “E-vehicle is a new concept in India. We are making less e-vehicles in India, mostly e-vehicles are imported from foreign countries, whether we talk about four-wheelers, e-rickshaws or electric buses etc. So we have invited e-vehicle experts in this coming Expo where they will tell us about how this technology can be developed in India”.

He further added that the market of e-vehicle is going to be cost-effective, so in the long run it is going to be good without a doubt as to the quantity of diesel and petrol is decreasing day by day. So considering these aspects and the future we have to see that how can we provide e-vehicles and fuel-efficient vehicle to the people.

“This is definitely environmental friendly and it can be cost-effective because of the electricity which will be cheaper in the long run. So, after seeing all these things we have taken an initiative by organising this first-ever expo of e-vehicles," he said.

Further talking about how the e-vehicle industry will be beneficial for the MSMEs he said, “As far as MSMEs are concerned, it will be beneficial for them because of e-vehicles will require charging stations and the equipment and technology used in the stations. Then the entrepreneurs will be going for it”.

The research & development is in the process so it will take a little bit of time to understand that how will we be able to contribute as this is an initiative. And we are trying to convey this message to the people that how can this technology be developed in India by making charging stations and equipment used in it. Charging stations will play a big role in itself. Talking about the batteries like lithium batteries and other things which will come along with it, so seeing all these things we have decided to organise this expo. So, experts will be there and tell us about this technology and we will collaborate with other organisations and they will give us all ideas about it

In this exhibition more than 70 renowned Solar & E-Vehicle Companies from all over India Will be exhibiting their product & services in all three days.

The Electric Vehicles have taken the world by a storm in recent years, spearheaded by Tesla which now has worldwide revenue of $11.8 Billion.

India is expected to command leadership in EV space with a projected share of 30% of new vehicles sold by 2030. Govt has tabled a proposal to have a charging station every 3KM in major cities & every 50KM on the major national highway.

The e-vehicle sector will greatly affect the automobile component manufacturing sector, there are over 8,000 MSMEs and another 50,000 in retails and distribution of aftermarket components which generates over 30 Lacs jobs. (KNN/SS)



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