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12/09/2018 02:02pm

Indian Scientist develops smoke free fire crackers from discarded plastic bottles

image Indian Scientist develops smoke free fire crackers from discarded plastic bottles

New Delhi, Sept 12 (KNN) Taking a green step towards environment safety, Indian scientist from Mohali, Samrat Gosh has developed “Green Fire-Crackers” which are non-polluting and safe.

Made up from discarded plastic bottles, these fire crackers are smoke free and environment friendly which can be used to celebrate pollution free Diwali.

Commenting over this development, the head of Innovators Lab Group, Dr Samrat Gosh said “We have recently developed an eco & environment-friendly, all-weather; safe, fuse-free, trigger-fired firecracker for indoor-outdoor use which does not generate any soot, sulfur dioxide, NOx, obnoxious fumes or smoke.”

He said that discarded plastic bottles collected by me from roads and other places were transformed into smoke-free, chemically illuminated and fragrant firecracker.

Contributing towards Swachh Bharat Mission initiative of India, he said “I am happy about the change in social behavior which my innovation brings out.”

The key aspect of the prototype firecracker which is currently being called the 'IISER-M pollution-free firecracker' is its combustible substance (chemical recipe) which has a shelf life of 10-12 days, following which it undergoes self-decomposition, minimizing the risk of a fire hazard.

Last year the Supreme Court had imposed a ban on the use of crackers during Diwali in a bid to check pollution caused due to smoke emitted from firecrackers.

Dr Samrat Ghosh, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Sciences, IISERM claimed, ‘the firecracker developed has the potential to replace some types of polluting firecrackers.’


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