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Andhra Pradesh Poised to Become Electronics Manufacturing Powerhouse

Updated: Jun 21, 2024 03:58:40pm

Andhra Pradesh Poised to Become Electronics Manufacturing Powerhouse

New Delhi, Jun 21 (KNN) Andhra Pradesh, long celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and agricultural prowess, is rapidly emerging as a formidable contender in the electronics manufacturing sector.

The state's strategic coastal location, robust infrastructure, and investor-friendly policies are attracting major players in the industry, signalling a new era of technological advancement and economic growth.

Recent developments underscore the state's commitment to this transformation. In a significant move, Nara Lokesh, the newly appointed IT Minister of Andhra Pradesh, met with Y. Guru, Chairman and Managing Director of Celkon Group, to discuss strategic plans for bolstering the electronics manufacturing ecosystem in the state.

Guru revealed plans for an upcoming meeting with the Chief Minister and IT Minister to develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at establishing Andhra Pradesh as a powerhouse in electronics manufacturing.

"The IT Minister conveyed his full alignment with the vision to transform Andhra Pradesh into a leading hub for electronics manufacturing," Guru stated.

The potential for growth is substantial. India's electronics manufacturing sector, valued at USD 75 billion in 2019, has already reached USD 115 billion by 2024 and is projected to hit USD 300 billion in the coming years.

Lokesh expressed his determination to secure a significant portion of this growth for Andhra Pradesh.

Guru highlighted the sector's impressive 400 per cent growth from 2015 to 2024, with India now exporting mobile phones worth INR 1,20,000 Crores. This presents a lucrative opportunity for Andhra Pradesh to boost its export capabilities.

The state's ambitious vision encompasses attracting major players across various electronics product segments, including mobile phones, IT hardware, consumer electronics, and semiconductors.

The Tirupati Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) stands as a testament to this vision, already housing plants for companies like Celkon, TCL, Sunny Opotech, and Foxlink.

Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman of the India Cellular & Electronics Association, expressed strong support for the initiatives led by Chief Minister Naidu, stating, "Andhra Pradesh has tremendous potential in electronics manufacturing, and our previous collaborations have delivered concrete outcomes."

As Andhra Pradesh accelerates its efforts to attract major electronics manufacturers and build a sustainable industrial ecosystem, it is poised to play a pivotal role in India's electronics manufacturing landscape, potentially reshaping the regional and national economy in the process.

(KNN Bureau)


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