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14/08/2013 07:34pm

Division not to affect investors, says AP Minister

image Division not to affect investors, says AP Minister
From Manne Sreenivas Rao
Hyderabad, Aug 14 (KNN)   Given the rich natural resources and sound infrastructure across all regions of the state, the Government of Andhra Pradesh is confident that each region will remain a favourite investment destination even after the division of the state. 

Minister for Major Industries, Sugars, Commerce and Export Promotion, Government of Andhra Pradesh, J Geeta Reddy pointed this out, requesting all investors, in major, micro small and medium industries not to be anxious.

Addressing a preliminary meeting of Industry Associations regarding Division of Andhra Pradesh State, she said, “Each region of the state has unique resources and industry advantages. The choice of any investor will be based on the availability of the infrastructure like land, road network, rail network, port and airport connectivity, power supply, waste management and resources available at a particular location.”

After the preliminary meeting with Industrial Associations, she spoke to the media, stating that the allocation of assets between the two states will be done according to well-established norms and will take into account all local requirements into consideration.

The Government of India, after examining all aspects, will prepare terms of reference based on which subject experts from the Centre and the State will carry out the division of assets in the most optimal manner, she said.

On behalf of the government, she invited investors to make their investments in any region of the state, assuring them that the government would continue to support them in all their needs.

She also made an appeal to investors not to yield to apprehensions of any kind. “The recent developments will not have any impact on the investments in the state,” she added.

Her message to past, present and future investors was that their investments would be safe.  While appreciating their hard work, she said, the responsibility of protecting their properties and their employees safety lay with the government.

Hyderabad has always been a cosmopolitan city with people from all over India finding employment there, even from the times of the Nizam.  
Owing to its cosmopolitan nature, Reddy is confident that it would remain a cosmopolitan city.  She also said that citizens of India were free to work and invest in any part of the country, the fundamental responsibility of providing security to the residents being the governments.’

There would be no forced relocation, either of facilities or employees, she reiterated.  Also, growth in and around Hyderabad should not stop.  She assured that they would work with industry leaders and investors to ensure a higher trajectory of economic development.

“Together we had created the best investor friendly destination and together we will continue to support this win-win partnership,” she said.

She stated that the future of employment for all youth lay in the industry and manufacturing sector, considering the fact the service sector in all probability had reached its potential.

Future economic growth she said would be fuelled by manufacturing.  Referring to the vision 2020 document, she was confident that the establishment of 35 million jobs would be fulfilled.

“Good quality and secure jobs for our boys and girls will be generated only in this sector. It will be the responsibility of the government to encourage the manufacturing sector, share the prosperity and ensure inclusive growth,” she said.

She also promised to impress upon investors that there will be no deviation from industrial friendly policies of the government.  On its part the government would continue to offer the same investor-oriented administration even in future, if not better.

It would also provide unique incentives for specific investment activities depending on the needs of specific areas.

“All incentives, benefits and facilities offered previously by way of Government Orders or MOUs, will remain valid regardless of where your investment is located,” she said.  (KNN)

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