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26/08/2020 04:16pm

MSMEs in Punjab are being blackmailed in the name of child labour: AITF

image MSMEs in Punjab are being blackmailed in the name of child labour: AITF

Ludhiana, Aug 26 (KNN) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Punjab have alleged that they are being blackmailed by some child rights protection organisation and departments in the name child labour.

All Industries and Trade Forum (AITF) national president, Badish Jindal in a letter to Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh said, ''Sir in Punjab few organizations are black mailing the industries on the name of Child Labour. The Industry of Punjab is following all norms in regard to labour laws but still the industry is facing the harassment from department in connivance with few so-called child rights protection organizations.''

Jindal also said that the state government is amending the labour laws to bring the ease of doing business but unfortunately even then many old laws are still barriers in the process of doing business with ease.

''In Punjab there is a huge scarcity of industrial work force so in many sectors the Industry has started employing the women workers for the jobs as per their convenience. But unfortunately, there are many women who don’t have any arrangement of day care centres for their dependent kids. So, they have no option other than to bring their kids along with them to Industries.

Specifically, in case of widow or migrated female workers they have no choice other than to stay home unemployed or to carry their kids to work places.

There are many safe industries such as garment manufacturing or packing industries where their kids are very safe along with them but these organizations and department treat it as offence of Child Labour,'' he added.

Due to this blackmailing now, the industries have refused to give employment to such needy women and they are forced to beg on roads along with their kids, the letter further read.

The female workforce ratio in Punjab is worse as compared to other states. The states like Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand Mizoram have more 47% to 54% women workforce whereas Punjab has 9.4% women work force. Whereas our neighbouring states Haryana having 18.7% and Himachal have 15.1% women work force in their states.

''The women in Punjab are also willing to work in industries for strengthening the financial position of their families but due to Child Care responsibility the women are forced to remain unemployed in Punjab. The private day boarding schools are unaffordable for such industrial employees,'' Jindal apprised Capt. Singh suggested opening child care centres for such working women.

''This will help the Industries and it will also increase the role of the women work force in the state's economy,'' he said.


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