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Chandigarh Industrial Associations Raise Long-Pending Demands For Leasehold Conversion & FAR Permissions

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 05:46:37pm

Chandigarh Industrial Associations Raise Long-Pending Demands For Leasehold Conversion & FAR Permissions

Chandigarh, Mar 28 (KNN) A joint forum of Chandigarh’s industrial associations, comprising 10 prominent industrial and commercial bodies, has once again raised their long-standing demands for the conversion of leasehold industrial plots to freehold and higher floor area ratio (FAR) permissions.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, members of the forum expressed frustration over the lack of progress on several critical issues plaguing the industrial sector, despite repeated promises.

The conversion of leasehold industrial plots to freehold has remained a long-pending demand, with industrialists facing uncertainty due to the unresolved nature of this issue. The forum members emphasised that despite assurances from the government, no concrete action has been taken to address this matter.

Additionally, the forum called for higher FAR permissions, which would enable better utilisation of available land resources and facilitate the growth and expansion of industrial units.

Furthermore, the forum members raised concerns over the persistent issues of misuse and violation notices in industrial areas, which have been a source of constant harassment and disruption for businesses operating in these zones.

Fire safety norms have also been a point of contention, with the forum demanding that the existing NOC norms be made more practical and industry-friendly, striking a balance between safety and operational efficiency.

Arun Mahajan, President of the Industrial Association of Chandigarh, expressed, “Prior to every election, assurances are made to resolve our concerns. However, even after two decades, we find ourselves tirelessly pursuing fulfilment of our demands.”

Chander Verma, Chairman of the Industrial Converted Plot Owners Association, stated, “We advocate for the transfer of authority from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to the UT administrator. Whenever we raise a demand, we are informed that the file is awaiting action from the MHA.”

The joint forum's demands reflect the industrial sector's growing frustration with the perceived inaction and unfulfilled promises from government.

As the nation gears up for the next round of elections, the industrial associations have once again reiterated their long-standing grievances, urging the government to take concrete steps to address these pressing issues and create a more conducive environment for industrial growth and development.

(KNN Bureau)


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