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Govt planning to set up tech cluster at Panjab University

Updated: May 27, 2023 03:55:47pm

Govt planning to set up tech cluster at Panjab University

Chandigarh, May 27 (KNN) The central government is planning to set up a  Science and Technology (S&T) cluster in the northern region of India, comprising Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Chandigarh, reported Tribune.

Parvinder Maini, Scientific Secretary to Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Government of India, visited Panjab University to review the setting up of Science and Technology (S&T) cluster in the northern region of India.


In the curtain raiser event, Maini underlined the need for setting up S&T cluster. 

The Scientific Secretary pointed out that the chief operating officers (or their equivalents) are uniquely positioned in the already established six clusters in various cities of India. 

“For the proposed cluster in Panjab University, I am elated to see the support from various stakeholders that have the capacity in enabling India to become a technology-reliant country,” she said.

As per reports, the seed grant will be provided by the Office of PSA for setting up the cluster.

She emphasised the fact that the main mandate of the cluster should be to innovate on pain-points of the end users. She said industries should be involved since the very beginning of the project.

Rajeev Ahuja, Director, IIT Ropar, and Joint-Chair of proposed S&T cluster (North) in his talked about how IIT Ropar and PU can work together to bring technological solutions to the problems of the industry. He assured to help in setting up of a robust and vibrant innovation-driven technology development ecosystem.

Further, Pushpendra P Singh from IIT Ropar gave detailed insights into the implementation of the ‘Proposal on S&T Cluster (NR)’. 

He discussed the framework of the cluster which was categorised into five different segments — pharma/healthcare, agriculture, sustainable mobility, green energy and waste management. He articulated a potential revenue model and the plan of implementation.

The event was attended by around 20 people from the industry and 20 people from different CRIKC institutes, Punjabi University, Patiala, Vice-Chancellor Professor Arvind, Director of IMTech Sanjeev Khosla and Vice-Chancellor of Plaksha University Professor Rudrapratap.  (KNN Bureau)


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