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Plastic Industry Seeks 100-Acre Land For Eco-Friendly Park In Ludhiana

Updated: Jan 15, 2024 02:25:40pm

Plastic Industry Seeks 100-Acre Land For Eco-Friendly Park In Ludhiana

Ludhiana, Jan 15 (KNN) The plastic manufacturing industry is urging the state government to allocate 100 acres of land for a specialised plastic park in the city.

This request was highlighted in three meetings between members of the Plastic Manufacturers and Traders Association and officials from the industry and commerce department.

Notably, last year, the state government set a three-year deadline for relocating industrial units situated in mixed land use and residential areas.

Mankar Garg, the president of the association, emphasised the benefits of consolidating the entire industry in one location.

According to Garg, this centralised approach would enable the industry to acquire machines that produce minimal pollution, facilitating the manufacturing of more environmentally friendly products. The proposal aligns with the state's initiative to streamline industrial operations and enhance environmental sustainability, as reported by TOI.

The plastic manufacturers believe that a dedicated plastic park would not only meet regulatory requirements but also foster the adoption of eco-friendly practices within the industry.

(KNN Bureau)


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