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Delhi Solar Policy 2024 To Reduce Tariffs For Commercial Consumers

Updated: Jan 30, 2024 06:04:10pm

Delhi Solar Policy 2024 To Reduce Tariffs For Commercial Consumers

New Delhi, Jan 30 (KNN) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the 'Delhi Solar Policy 2024' on Monday, introducing an initiative that promises a 50 per cent reduction in tariffs to commercial and industrial consumers upon the installation of rooftop solar panels.

Moreover, the policy assures domestic consumers to have zero-cost electricity bills.

As part of the new regulations, all government buildings with an area of 500 square meters are mandated to install rooftop solar panels within the next three years.

The current solar power capacity in Delhi stands at approximately 1,500 MW, including 250 MW from rooftop installations. The government's ambitious target is to elevate the total installed solar capacity to 4,500 MW by March 2027, tripling the existing capacity.

By 2027, an impressive 20 per cent of Delhi's electricity consumption is expected to be sourced from solar power, marking one of the highest percentages in India. The policy implementation is allocated a budget of Rs 570 crore.

The innovative policy includes incentives for residential consumers, who may potentially earn Rs 700-900 per month by adopting rooftop solar panels.

The Delhi Solar Policy 2024 introduces innovative deployment models, notably the introduction of a community solar approach for consumers facing constraints in funding or rooftop space.

(KNN Bureau)


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