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SIDBI Launches Digital Capacity Development Initiative For Artisans In J&K

Updated: May 08, 2024 03:27:51pm

SIDBI Launches Digital Capacity Development Initiative For Artisans In J&K

Srinagar, May 8 (KNN) Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), in collaboration with the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Department and the Department of Handicrafts J&K, has unveiled an innovative digital capacity development initiative aimed at fostering growth in the artisan sector of the region.

Dubbed "Digitisation and Promotion of Artisans & Micro Units at Offbeat Destinations in Jammu & Kashmir," this initiative falls under the SIDBI Cluster Intervention Programme for the Tourism Cluster of Jammu & Kashmir.

Executed by Wyath Services Private Limited, the project targets the digitisation and promotion of the cultural legacy of 150 artisans and 50 micro-units, particularly in less explored locales, amplifying their visibility and market reach.

The comprehensive program encompasses various components, including Digital Capacity Development, Technology Adoption, Online Presence and Marketing, E-commerce Integration, Networking and Collaboration, Monitoring and Support.

By equipping artisans and micro-units with digital skills and tools, the initiative aims to propel them into a new era of innovation and prosperity, enabling them to leverage technology to enhance their reach and competitiveness.

Recognising the importance of acknowledging and celebrating success, the project plans to recognise and honour micro units that successfully embrace digital transformation, inspiring others to follow suit.

Continuous evaluation and scaling endeavours are envisioned to ensure the sustainability and expansion of successful programs.

Officials from the Tourism Department & Department of Handicrafts J&K expressed their gratitude to SIDBI for spearheading this progressive endeavour, which aims to showcase artisans at the forefront of cultural and economic development.

SIDBI representatives affirmed their commitment to fostering competencies and capabilities for the socio-economic advancement of society and the state.

(KNN Bureau)


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