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MSME Ministry comes up with online complaint redressal system

Updated: Jul 28, 2016 09:19:16am

MSME Ministry comes up with online complaint redressal system

New Delhi, July 28 (KNN) For immediate redressal of grievances of the small businesses, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has come up with an online complaint redressal system.

The complaint will be forwarded to the concerned departments and the monitoring will be done by the MSME Ministry and after the redressal of the problem, the information will be uploaded on the website.

The small entrepreneurs or associations or individuals can put up their complaints and suggestions with regards to the MSME development commissioner, MSME development institute, tool room, Public Procurement Policy etc.

Apart from this, the entrepreneurs can also put up their complaints related to getting loan approvals.

The suggestions to the Centre can also be given using the online portal.

The entrepreneurs can send their complaints and suggestion through the link:


(KNN Bureau)


    ADV.DATTAPRASAD POKALE 07/06/2022 6:37 AM

    I have applied for online msme complaint on behalf of my client RP engineering from Goa state but we are very upset that the msme council is supporting to the defaulters my client been cheated/duped for nearly 45 lakh from two companies at Goa one is Dempo engineering works old Goa and other is Timlo group now my client decieded to end up his life since no one supporting him for this soley MSME goa council shall be held responsible

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  2. Prashant
    Prashant 30/04/2022 12:04 PM

    Dear Sir , I am a meme registered firm involved in p.v.c. bag manufacturing . As per the present situation of market our business is almost 80% finished i am trying to run my business since lokdown 2020. ihas taken loans from NBFC and i was regularly paying the Emi but from last 3 months the business condition is very poor although i am paying my instalments but all these recovery agenets of NBFC are harrasing like hell to me and my family. I am tired of all this guys seriously planning to end my life as business is not showing any future and this guys are impossibe. Please suggest how to tackle

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  3. Ashok Saksena
    Ashok Saksena 09/06/2020 6:48 AM

    1. Quotation: The biggest problem which MSMEs face is shortage of cash liquidity. The main reason for this shortage is non -timely completion of payments from both government and private sectors. What solutions can Government provide for this problem? Suggestion: The most feasible solution is to follow the Debt Recovery Tribunal model of banks. We suggest a formation of MSME Payment Recovery Tribunal. 2. Quotation: How can the Government help MSMEs if a government department does not give the benefits to MSMEs as per the Government policy? Suggestion: Government can appoint a nodal officer who can address such grievances faced by MSMEs. This nodal officer should have the authority to ask that Government department to give the benefits to MSMEs as per the policy.

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  4. manoj dubey
    manoj dubey 25/05/2020 5:04 AM

    gem admin team blocked our id due to incident. but after 20 days they are not unblock it. how can we work and our employee, and iam also have not any work to do. how we run our plant

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  5. hari Om Bhardwaj
    hari Om Bhardwaj 22/09/2019 2:41 PM

    Sir ours is an MSME mfg unit under a Wonan enterprenuere . we are banking Canara Bank Shakti Nagar Delhi 110007. now we have given renewal with enhansemenr. present Limit Is Rs 50 Lac and now asking for 80 Lac . last year turn over 348.40 lac. now wxpecting more than 400 lac. oir renewal is pendin for more than 4 or 5 month s. we have submitted all detail asked by bak. our case is pending with circile office of canara bank , New Delhi Ours is V H Corrugators, Mfg. unit at Neemranana , Dist Alwar no colleteral security upto 200 lac but now they are demanding it now merely for 80 lac, for 10 years our account is normal no query any such. why delay

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  6. Prithiwant Singh Sindhu
    Prithiwant Singh Sindhu 21/06/2019 10:36 AM

    Grievance No DL00013132 When all the payments have brrn made why money is not released

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  7. Surrender
    Surrender 17/12/2017 11:15 AM

    ??"For immediate redressal of grievances of the small businesses, the Ministry of MSME has come up with an online complaint redressal system."?? BuT that is not working for any IMMEDIATE redressal as the State MSEFC has not been acting on the online cases for Delayed Payments as it STILL requires same bearucratic hard copies in quadruplicate with Rs. 3500/= as Fees/deposit to initiate proceedings against the defaulter-Buyer. Thus, the MSE Seller loses time in filing online and then being advised at State's own delayed fasion to file usual papers to be dealt with further delays due to shortage of adequate staff with Director of Iundustries of the State ??

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  8. Nitun Agrawal
    Nitun Agrawal 10/08/2017 1:09 PM

    No any police done for 20% purchase Msme Clay new vender not participate in public Ltd company

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