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Govt to upgrade organic food testing facilities and methods

Updated: Jul 04, 2023 05:22:41pm

Govt to upgrade organic food testing facilities and methods

New Delhi, July 4 (KNN) Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)—has directed all its food testing laboratories to advance and optimise their facilities and procedures to handle accurate organic food testing.

The food regulator has made this decision following reports of false claims by some firms despite the government plans to promote organic food.


The most popular products are organic tea, pulses, oil and jiggery powder followed by milk products.

In India the organic food market is a niche market, as per food experts which is expected to grow in the coming years.

Owing to the large number of food adulteration incidents, the demand for organic food is increasing in India.

FSSAI in a communication notified all laboratories that the success of promoting organic products depends on reliable testing to ensure their authenticity of the organic products.

With this it has directed all food testing laboratories to review their current capabilities and take steps to enhance the infrastructure and scope of testing for organic products.  (KNN Bureau)


  1. himani
    himani 06/07/2023 10:51 AM

    came across your blog on food testing and this was interesting and informative article to read .

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  2. ravi
    ravi 05/07/2023 11:38 AM

    "Promoting healthier lifestyles and ensuring food safety through enhanced organic food testing facilities and methods - a step towards a greener future."

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