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19/07/2019 02:04pm

ITR filing: Prefilled ITRs is made available for all taxpayers now

image ITR filing: Prefilled ITRs is made available for all taxpayers now

New Delhi, July 19 (KNN) The Income Tax Department has started providing pre-filled XML file containing details such as employer details, allowances and so on. The move aims at making the process of filing income tax returns (ITR) easier for other taxpayers along with for those who need to file ITR-1.

According to the update on the e-filing website, "Currently, pre-filled XML is available for ITR 1, 2, 3 and 4 for FY 2018-19. For other ITRs, it will be available shortly."

All the rest individuals would be covered who are required to file ITR for FY 2018-19. According to the forms notified by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) for FY 2018-19, the individuals can file ITRs using forms 1 to 4 only.

Following the latest update, the department has started providing pre-filled XML file containing details like allowances, deductions, employer details, dividend, and interest income. A taxpayer can download the XML file from the e-filing website and can be imported into the Excel utility of the relevant ITR form.

For ITR-1 filers, the XML file includes salary details other than details like allowances and deductions. Taxpayers filing their tax return with ITR-1 using Excel utility can also download the XML file from the e-filing website.

There are two ways of filing the tax. First, it can be done either using the online platform on the e-filing website, Other is, by filling the details in the excel utility downloaded from the e-filing website and uploading the same on the e-filing website.

Moreover, taxpayers who need to file tax return using excel utility like ITR-2 had to fill in all details such as name, PAN which was pre-filled on the online platform for ITR-1 filers.

H&R Block India, Managing Director, Vaibhav Sankla said, “For ITR-1 filers, the XML file also contains the salary details other from details such as allowances and deductions, the pre-filled ITR 2 form would definitely make the filing easier for taxpayers with pre-mentioned personal details, employer details, details of tax-exempt allowances, TDS details, interest income, and rental income details”.

Other than this, taxpayers should note that ITR 2 and ITR 3 form requires taxpayers to provide a break-up of gross salary that is again further divided into three segments. Filing ITR-2 requires a taxpayer to report the salary income through these steps.

(i) Salary as per section 17(1), (ii) Value of perquisites as per section 17(2), (iii) Profit in lieu of salary as per section 17(3)

From the drop menu, the taxpayer would have to select different components of all the three items of gross salary list provided in the tax return forms. It needs to be done by self as these details are not currently pre-populated since these details are not available with the income tax department.


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  1. Nellai Suba. Mohan
    Nellai Suba. Mohan 21/07/2019 6:16 PM

    Good Intiiative from GOI. Welcome move towards simplifying the process for better compliance.

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