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Andhra Pradesh Plans Futuristic Skill Development Programmes

Updated: Dec 01, 2023 02:35:07pm

Andhra Pradesh Plans Futuristic Skill Development Programmes

Hyderabad, Dec 1 (KNN) The Andhra Pradesh Government, through Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC), is preparing unique initiatives – ‘Leading towards Next Age Programmes.’

This project aims to revolutionise the state's talent development environment, addressing the perennial problem of skills shortages in the Indian labour market.

Andhra Pradesh intends to bridge the gap between industry demands and workforce skills, positioning Andhra Pradesh as a leader in the rapidly evolving landscape of skills development and employment.

The event aims to highlight the accomplishments of existing skills development programmes as well as the changing strategies that drive their success.

It will emphasise the critical importance of higher education in broadening opportunities, highlighting the role of entrepreneurship in supplementing job creation, and emphasising the importance of soft skills, sector-specific hard skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset as essential building blocks for long-term employment.

S Suresh Kumar I.A.S., Principal Secretary, Dept. of Skills Development & Training said, “The ‘Leading Towards Next Age Programmes’ concept epitomises our commitment to transforming aspirations into accomplishments.”

“We construct not only careers, but also a resilient and affluent future through skills development. This project aspires to shape destiny, link opportunities with goals, and propel our children into a world of limitless possibilities where their abilities become the currency of a prosperous future,” he said.

Andhra Pradesh has strategically integrated its skilling approach to create better placement opportunities for the unemployed people by acquiring job-specific skills. In 2019, the Government launched a new integrated Skill Development Ecosystem, integrating all skills and vocational education wings under the Department of Skills Development & Training (SD&T).

The SD&T coordinates numerous wings, giving long-term and short-term vocational and technical trainings to a varied pool of users. The department has taught 14,42,134 individuals and placed 3,57,334 people in 98 career roles across 20 different industries.

The introduction of the ‘Leading Towards Next Age Programmes’ concept signifies a move towards not just training persons but also assisting them in finding meaningful and long-term employment prospects.

(KNN Bureau)


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