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Six Traditional Products From Assam Granted GI Tags

Updated: Apr 01, 2024 03:54:22pm

Six Traditional Products From Assam Granted GI Tags

Guwahati, Apr 1 (KNN) In a major boost for Assam's traditional arts and crafts, six iconic products from the state have been granted the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Government of India's GI Registry.

The announcement was made by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma through a social media post on Sunday.

Sarma lauded this achievement as “a big win for Assam's heritage,” acknowledging the support from NABARD's Guwahati regional office and the facilitation efforts of renowned GI expert and Padma Shri awardee, Dr. Rajani Kant.

The products receiving this coveted intellectual property right include the Assam Bihu Dhol (traditional drum), Assam Jaapi (traditional headgear), Sarthebari Metal Craft, Panimeteka craft made from water hyacinth, Mising Taat handloom, and the exquisite terracotta works of Asharikandi village.

Deeply rooted in Assam's history and cultural identity, these products support the livelihoods of nearly one lakh artisans and craftspeople across the state. The GI tag recognition is a testament to their unique qualities, characteristics, and reputation tied to their place of origin.

Assam's rich cultural heritage continues to gain global recognition, with the state's famous Majuli Masks or Majuli manuscript paintings also being awarded the GI tag earlier this month. These intricate artworks are a part of Assam's neo-Vaishnavite tradition practiced since the 16th century.

The GI tag system, initiated in India in 2003, serves as an intellectual property right that identifies a product as originating from a particular region, possessing distinct qualities and reputation associated with that geographical origin.

This recognition provides a competitive edge in the global marketplace, safeguarding traditional knowledge and promoting economic prospects for local communities.

(KNN Bureau)


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