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Goa Government Approves 30MW Rooftop Solar Project For Green Electricity

Updated: Mar 22, 2024 03:00:37pm

Goa Government Approves 30MW Rooftop Solar Project For Green Electricity

Panaji, Mar 22 (KNN) The Goa state government has given the green light for the installation of 30MW rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) plants across more than 300 government buildings in a move towards sustainable energy.

This initiative aims to generate over 4.5 crore units of clean electricity, bolstering Goa's commitment to renewable energy.

The installations are slated for completion within the next six months, marking a swift progression towards a greener future for the state.

A senior government official highlighted that the approval was granted for the installation of these plants under the Renewable Energy Service Company (Resco) mode to MahaPreit Ltd, with a levelled tariff set at Rs 5 per unit on a nomination basis.

Explaining the Resco model, the official emphasised that it entails a third-party service provider, in this case, MahaPreit Ltd, owning, installing, operating, and maintaining the solar power systems on behalf of the government.

This innovative financing model not only facilitates the adoption of solar energy but also ensures efficient operation and maintenance of the systems.

This decision aligns with the directives from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, mandating state governments to equip government buildings with rooftop solar PV plants.

Furthermore, it was made obligatory for states during the recent chief secretary’s conference to embrace such initiatives, emphasising the urgency of transitioning to sustainable energy sources.

The Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) spearheaded an assessment study, in collaboration with the Dornier Group, to evaluate the feasibility of rooftop solar PV installations on government buildings.

Subsequently, a detailed project report (DPR) was prepared, identifying a potential of 30MW for these installations.

In a significant stride towards implementation, GEDA inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with MahaPreit, a Maharashtra government undertaking, to execute renewable energy projects in Goa. Leveraging this partnership, MahaPreit proposed a power purchase agreement (PPA) rate of Rs 5 per unit for the solar systems across government buildings, which is notably lower than the prevailing average cost of supply (ACOS) of Rs 5.7 per unit for the financial year 2022.

(KNN Bureau)


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