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Goa Leads India With 33% of Women Led Startups

Updated: May 20, 2024 03:38:12pm

Goa Leads India With 33% of Women Led Startups

Panaji, May 20 (KNN) Out of the 225 registered startups in Goa, a remarkable 33 per cent have been founded by women entrepreneurs - nearly double the national average of 18 per cent, according to data from the state's department of information technology.

"The presence of 76 women-founded or co-founded startups out of 225 exemplifies the significant strides made by women in Goa's tech and startup sectors," said a department official. "These entrepreneurs are leveraging state policies to grow their ventures, fuelling economic expansion."

Some prominent women-led startups include ASIER Solutions, I-Assist, Blurb Consultancy, Goenkart Digital World, Make it Happen, Tea Trunk, and Contractzy. Many operate in hospitality and services, a natural fit for Goa's tourism economy.

"Our startup offers hospitality solutions. Support from incubators like FiiRE and events by the Goa Startup Mission provided valuable networking and market insights," said Supriya Malladad, founder of Rachane Engineering Solutions.

Nationally, women's entrepreneurship is on the rise, with 18 per cent of startups now women-led according to the Women in India's Startup Ecosystem Report from 2017-2021.

State officials hope the current crop of women founders will inspire future generations. "Goa's growing connectivity, infrastructure, incubators and startup policies are catalysing its emergence as a startup hub," the official added.

Founders like Gautami Raikar of Contractzy credit government entities like the startup promotion cell (SITPC) for supporting their entrepreneurial journeys through initiatives, masterclasses and networking events.

"The government has pushed young innovators like us to succeed," Raikar said. "With their startup policy, more women will join the ecosystem."

(KNN Bureau)


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