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11/03/2017 05:34am

BJP wins UP: MSMEs happy with the change; say it’s an end of dynasty & caste politics and beginning of industrialization

image BJP winning UP: MSMEs happy with the change; say it’s an end of dynasty & caste politics and beginning of industrialization

Lucknow, Mar 11 (KNN) With BJP's remarkable victory in Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have expressed immense happiness with the change and believe that the state will finally see development of sectors other than just real estate.

Talking to KNN, the UP MSMEs have welcomed the public’s decision to choose development rather that go for dynasty and caste based politics.

Job creation, industrialization, corruption, poor infrastructure, complex tax structures have been the biggest problems of MSMEs since more than a decade in the state.

Even without knowing that who the CM would be, the state MSMEs chose to go by BJP taking cue from industrialization in Gujarat, Maharashtra and  other BJP led states.

Indian Industrial Association (IIA), one of the biggest industry associations of the state, has welcomed BJP’s victory.

Talking to KNN, Manish Goel, President, IIA, said, “MSMEs are very happy with the change. Since last 15 years, either Samajwadi Party or BSP was coming to power and doing nothing for the industry. The infrastructure of UP is very very poor. There has been too much of corruption in the state.”

With the BJP government in UP, the MSMEs hope that the same party at Centre and State level will definitely help UP develop.

Goel said just like Gujarat, Modi will definitely get big industries to invest in the state which in turn will generate business for the small sector.

Goel said the tradition sectors which are dying slow death like Banarasai, Ceramic, Brass, Glass, all will now hopefully get revived as Modi has also focused on industrialization.

Goel said “Mr Clean” image of PM Modi will definitely help corruption level come down in UP.

Similarly, Noida Entrepreneurs Association (NEA) has also welcomed BJP’s victory and said the MSMEs are very happy with the result.

Talking to KNN, Vipin Malhan, Preseident, NEA, said, “We are very happy with the change and the BJP government coming to power.”

He said the industry now hopes to see development which was absolutely lacking for the last 15 years.

Pointing that the infrastructure in UP,  even in Noida, is extremely poor and make it difficult for the workers, entrepreneurs even to reach their industries, shall now be improved.

Sharing similar views like IIA, Malhan said Modi Governmment will definitely bring more industries to the state which will get businesses for the MSMEs and also generate employment opportunities.

He said currently the small sector is in a very sorry state in UP.

So, with the MSMEs welcoming the BJP’s remarkable win in the state, it is for all to wait and watch now that who will be the CM face now. But whoever the CM be, the industry is hopeful that PM will not let down the voters in the crucial state with the general elections just 2 years away.

An to add on to the hopes of MSMEs, even the Union MSME Minister Kalraj Mishra plays a crucial role in UP politics, so the sector hopes to get a push now. (KNN Bureau)


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